Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm down to my last hundred/s

I just paid my bills today. It has been two weeks since I resigned from my job. It wasn't really a difficult decision for me since I've been struggling to go to work every single day. No regrets. But now reality is slowly biting on me. I am down to my last hundred/s. So how can I survive the next few days with only P300 in my wallet? I am still looking for a job. I have a scheduled interview tomorrow. Gone were the days that I can take a cab to go to my interviews. This time, I have to be creative, I need to stretch my money! So I guess I have to learn to take the jeepneys again and walk! :) I am not yet panicking. No, because I am still expecting income from working part time with my previous employer (thank God for that opportunity). Although whatever I will earn here will not be enough to cover my monthly obligation, every single peso will still help augment my situation right now. So pasalamat na rin. Ayoko muna problemahin ang hindi pa problema :) Sabi ko nga, "bahala na si batman!" I'm keeping the faith that God knows my needs and he will provide.

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