Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm moving on

Mark this date: January 9, 2010. The day I finally decided to move on. No there is no bitterness, no it does not leave a bitter or even sour taste in my mouth. Today I choose happiness. Today I choose to be good to myself. Today I choose to not go against the flow. Today I am not fighting the current. Today, I am going where the flow naturally leads me. I now know what really is important to me: validation. The reason I struggled so much in the past months was I could not come to terms with my need for validation and my pursuit of that "great romance." I am struggling between what I need and what I want. I was hung up on finding the ONE, settling for someone I thought was the one. But common sense would prove that you would definitely know that the one is the ONE. Naturally, things should fall into place. Everything naturally flows and leads to the one. As one great eastern tradition believes, we should go with the flow and not against it. We struggle because we try to fight the natural flow. But if we go with it, flow with it, swim with it, in the end, we will be led to our destiny. To our ultimate destiny, to where God has intended us to be.

Today, I am free and flowing. :)

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