Sunday, November 29, 2009

just the truth

As the months pass on, all the more that I long for the truth to reveal itself. I guess it is because I firmly believe in the words, "the truth shall set you free." The moment I became true to how I feel, I haven't stopped yearning to feel totally free. Free to just be me, free to love, free to express this. Paradoxically though, this didn't happen. Instead of being liberated from my own reservations, I felt constricted and limited. I guess because I expected truth as well to the truth I revealed. I'd rather get hurt in the process of knowing the truth than being left in the dark. I am through with assumptions. I've been there, and it's a place I do not want to get myself in again. But the sad fact is, you can't force the truth from someone. Truth is willed. Truth is out of the graciousness of the person to reveal one's self, one's innermost thoughts, one's deepest desires and longings. I guess it takes trust to entrust a person of the truth. I trusted that he can handle the truth. And I hoped that he could trust me that I could handle the truth as well. But it's taking time. I do not even know if it would come to that. Still I hope. Still I hold on to the promise that the truth I let out will eventually set me free.

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