Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have the power to recreate my life each day

This week is a blessing to me. It all started with the conviction that I want to make good use of my time while I am at home and am waiting to land a new job. As I mentioned last time, I am down to my last hundreds. To-date, I only have about P140 in my wallet and few coins and yet I am having an incredible week. I realize money isn't everything, one just needs to be creative. Last Tuesday, I went to an interview and only spent P40 for fare (back and forth). It was a first after a very long time since I seldom ride jeeps anymore especially since riding cabs is more convenient and more comfortable. And yet, the experience was worth it. It allowed me to be more mindful of a bigger world than me. That night, my colleagues from my previous work came to have dinner. They were the ones who brought dinner though. The next day, I just spent the first part of the day "productively" by going through and sending through my CV to all potential employers I would like to work for. Now, it is a matter of waiting for their call. In the afternoon, I decided to go to mass to make the rest of my time worthwhile. I also decided to walk to Church as I seldom go out anymore and hence, lack physical exercise. Walking was a treat for me because I was greeted by the beauty of the sun setting down. To my awe, I took a shot of the sunset. After the mass, I spent quality time at the Blessed Sacrament and was able to talk to Jesus again. These words remain in me after that conversation:Love is patient. Love is kind. Love rejoices in the truth. Rejoice, celebrate your truth, your beauty. Claim your truth. Love never fails. He also promised me that he'd take care of my financial concerns and that I need not worry about it, particularly the one that is due already this Friday.

Today, I decided that the grace I would ask God is to make each day magical for me. I realize then that I want to make each day different. To do something different each day. So today, I went out early, walked to the baking supplies store and then eventually go to the grocery to buy ingredients for my brownies. I want to try to bake brownies today. I was excited to start on this as I've been craving for a certain brownie taste since last week. After it was done, I was glad that the recipe I downloaded was the exact brownie taste I want. I was a bit disappointed though because it did not have the texture I want. I googled later on that I should have used chocolate instead of cocoa. Again, in the afternoon, I decided to hear mass. I start to love walking to Church. I spent a few minutes in the Blessed Sacrament and then went to hear mass. On this particular day, there weren't much mass goers who went compared yesterday. This must be the reason I noticed the people who were present, in particular the old couples. I was just inspired by the sight of the three old couple holding hands as they sang the "Our Father." Silently, I wished I could find someone I would grow old with. It was a beauty to behold that in the midst of the "temporariness" (if there is such a word) of this world, there are still those who decide to stick together through thick or thin, for better or for worse....

Oh and I almost forget, today, God showed that his promise is never empty. The problem I have with the money to fulfill my obligation tomorrow, he took care of that already. The amount I needed is exactly what he gave me. Praise be to God!

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